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Favorite Tropes #2: Badass and Child

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about some of my favorite tropes. Sure, people might not like them, but try as I may, I love some common archetypes in literature and film. That being said, there are far and few that can really beat one of my all time favorites, Bad Ass with a Baby.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with this character duo, let me quote TVtropes.com:

“The Badass and Child Duo in its purest form, occurs when a (usually) male badass takes it upon himself, out of goodness, interest, or circumstances beyond his control, to protect an orphaned, unrelated young (usually) girl.”

Over the years, this trope is one of the ones I notice popping up in my own writing. Even if my protagonist isn’t a “badass” in a physical sense, I find many of my characters who are strong in their field have a younger, inexperienced character they have to protect.


Why do I like this trope so much?

While this can be characters from the same family, generally this is the perfect example of characters finding a family or someone to care for, without having to be related. There’s something about a love between two people that isn’t romantic or familial that I find beautiful. Often times there’s a sense of obligation to love family or significant others in books and movies, regardless of how they act toward the protagonist. But the bond between true friends, or between two people who have to trust each other completely feels more real to me.

The Badass, usually someone who has given up on finding anything good in the world, needs to have a “child” in their life to teach them there’s something worth living for, and the child also learns how to be strong from their care taker. One is learning strength while the other is learning something gentler, and both walk away better off (when both parties survive that is).

Often times, this relationship can evolve into mentor/student, which I still enjoy either way.


Favorite Examples in ….


A Song of Ice and Fire – Sandor + Arya

Mercy Thompson series – Mercy + Jesse (eventually becomes family, but still sweet)

Inkheart – Dustfinger + Meggie


Movies & Television

(I’m not counting The Professional in this, even though tvtropes does, simply because of the romantic undertones that I don’t feel like fits the trope. Great movie, just not one I would consider in this category.) 

Logan – Logan + Laura

Terminator 2 – T800 + John Connor

Aliens – Ripley + Newt

The Walking Dead – Daryl + Sophie // (later Judith)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Scar + Mai


What’s your favorite example of this trope? Do you find it popping up in your writing? Let me know below!


Stranger Things Review – Season 2 Episode 1

I stayed up way later than I should with how crazy my life is right now to catch season 2 of Stranger Things. Like most people, I’m in love with the first season. The nostalgia vibes, the Stephen King like story, and the great acting all had me hooked.

I was pretty excited to see the next season, in spite of mixed reviews, so here’s my take on how the second season is going.


Just as a fair warning, spoilers are whited out between the !! !!.

The first thing I want to point out is my love of the writers ability to introduce characters through conflict. They did this every time they needed to introduce someone in the first season, and they followed it up with the same formula. You might argue, “Doesn’t this get old?” But they do it so seamlessly, you barely realize it’s happening until someone points it out.

We start the episode with a bank robbery, introducing a collection of characters that are almost cliche 80’s punks. Spiked hair, piercings, mohawks; they looked like cut outs from the British punk scene. After a quick chase scene with cops, !! it’s relieved one of these girls shares something in common with Eleven, proving many a fan theory true that there are other numbers out there. !!

From there, it’s basically a run down of how everyone’s life has changed since the first season. The one thing that was clear about this episode was that everyone’s still suffering from the aftermath of the demogorgon.

Each character is suffering from the loss of something, and most of them have some serious PTSD. I really loved the way the writers handled it, too. No one character was the same in how they handled stress. Some broke down in tears, others froze completely, and with the use of Dutch angles, some people’s worlds literally tilt.

One thing that the first season didn’t touch on that episode one promised was showing the other families in the town. There wasn’t a lot that went on with Barb being missing, and the absent parents of Lucas and Dustin, but it already gave us a glimpse of Dustin’s mom and Barb’s parents, so here’s hoping they keep that going.

The one thing I wasn’t thrilled about was Dr. Martin Brenner’s replacement. Paul Reiser takes up the coat as Dr. Owens, after Matthew Modine, and while he’s not horrible, he lacks the charisma Modine instantly brought to the screen. Maybe it’s because I’m only used to him playing comedy roles? Unlike Sean Astin’s addition to the cast, an actor I’ve seen wear many different masks, it was hard to think of Reiser as anyone other than Paul from Mad About You thanks to my mom. Sure he was in Aliens, but still.

Speaking of additions to the cast! One character I wasn’t sure I was going to like was Max, the sulky red head played by Sadie Sink. I always approach new characters to a franchise I like with a little bit of caution, especially young female characters. Writers usually write them very one sided. Preteen girls have to be flowery and rainbows, or bratty and annoying in adult shows.

I shouldn’t have doubted the Duffer Brothers, however. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I was plenty annoying as a 10-12 year old, but it’s nice to see them portrayed as something other than those two tropes. While she wasn’t much, she showed some promise. Overall, she’s talented.

So was it an episode to rival season 1’s first season? No, it wasn’t as great as the introduction to this universe was. Did it answer some questions and show serious character development? Definitely.

All in all, I don’t think fans of this show should write it off as some message boards have. There’s a lot of promise and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Binge Watch Weekend

Are you looking for a show to binge over the weekend? Here are a few of my favorites that you might not have considered.


theredroad_s1The Red Road – Drama
Where can you watch it? – Netflix
Watch if you like:
– Jason Momoa
– Psychological Drama
– Shows that end too soon

The IT Crowd – Comedy
Where can you watch it? – Netflix
Watch if you like:
– British comedy
– Workplace humor
– Awkward situations

The Fall – Crime Drama
Where can you watch it? – Netflix
Watch if you like:
– Murder mystery and psychologically disturbing situations
– Gillian Anderson
– Dark imagery
Contains sensitive subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

Into the Badlands – Action/Adventure
Where can you watch it? – Netflix
Watch if you like:
– The idea of Westerns meet Kung Fu
– Original dystopian America
– Diverse cast and good action sequences

Lucifer – Fantasy Dogma/Comedy
Where can you watch it? – Hulu
Watch if you like:
– Cheesy tv
– Supernatural/Constantine/Sleepy Hollow
– Buddy cop scenarios but with the devil

airbender-completebook3Avatar: The Last Airbender – Cartoon Adventure
Where can you watch it? – Amazon Video
Watch if you like:
– Great storytelling well beyond its time
– Complex world building
– Beautifully designed settings

Gravity Falls – Cartoon Adventure
Where can you watch it? – Hulu
Watch if you like:
– Well written kids’ shows

– Family Friendly television
– Cryptozoology



Have you seen any of these on my list? Were you able to grab a second to watch any of these? Tell me what you think below, or what you recommend for a binge watch weekend.