“Death of a Young Mage”

Published by Adam Jones – 2019 publishing date TBA

“Zavin never expected his clan to be targeted by humans. He wasn’t old enough to wrap his head around the idea of the tall horsemen that terrorized other elves near the cities reaching his desert world. They were shadows, ghouls on the other side of sand dunes that mothers used to keep the children close to the oasis, but never a real threat. ”


“Pearls of Wisdom”

Published by Z Publishing House – September 2018

“The funeral was long and drawn out, which seemed appropriate to Rebecca. Henry was a long-winded man when he was alive, why wouldn’t his last party on earth be any different?”


“Violent Little Reminders”

Digitally published by Inside the Bell Jar – July 20th, 2018

“It took seven words to break down the walls Heather spent years building. Seven.”


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