Feature Artist – Booublik

I love to work with artists. Not a big shocker to those of you who’ve been keeping an eye on me for awhile, but to those of you who are just tuning in, this is one of my favorite past times.

Usually, I’m trading artwork or writing them up character profiles, but sometimes, when I have some extra cash, I’m lucky enough to hire one.

When I hired the duo, Nord and Foxy, I was so excited. I’ve been following their artwork for a little while now, and the storybook style they have always made me think of a high fantasy short story I have tucked away in my files.

They captured the scene beautifully, and now that I got permission to post it, here’s the finished product.



If you’re looking for an artist to commission, please consider them. They did an amazing job and the scene turned out exactly how I imagined it in my short.


Hope you all enjoy their work as much as I do!


Writing Warm Up – Favorite Descriptive Word

Warm up – Pick one of your favorite descriptive word, describe how it sounds when you say it, and provide examples of how it’s used.



((Warning: this post contains adult subject matter that might not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised))


Frayed. Say it slowly, and you can savor every part. The a rests on your tongue, starting at the back of your throat and coming to a halt in the middle of your mouth. The ending of the word, the ed, shreds the a into ribbons. Say it fast and it sounds like a child trying to pronounce afraid after they misplaced the first letter of the word.

It’s a bikini top worn by a woman who was only a girl a few years before, bright blue against her tan skin as she proudly struts her new body across a beach, each strand bouncing with the sway of her breasts. It’s harsh and ugly in the form of a rope cut by the hands of a father as he pulls the rough material from his son’s purple neck and tosses it from the boy’s body. It’s beautiful and nostalgic, like a hole in the pair of well loved jeans, or the grass after being cut on a summer day that entices a happy dog to roll about. It’s loving, like the corners of your favorite book that’s been read and reread so many times, the paper is starting to pull apart.

Sometimes you can’t touch it. It becomes a broken heart after a lover leaves. A patient’s hope can unravel as the ends of their hair split and crack before falling out completely. Rage can strain against the ropes of patience till they almost snap under the pressure.


You can see it, you can feel it, and if you say it slowly, and you can savor every part of it.

Antagonists and Their Pet Peeves

I am, without a doubt, a character driven writer.

Leave me alone with a character idea and chances are I’ll have their backstory, personality, and secrets the reader will never know in a couple hours. I even do unnecessary things like create quick aesthetic boards on pinterest and line up some music to write to.

One thing I love to do over all of this, however, is come up with tiny things that annoy the antagonist.

Whether it’s my main baddie in Flightess, Abram, with his annoyance at people bringing up his past faults, or my new antagonist (who’s also my main character), Colvin, who hates it when people start sentences with the word “Actually”, I think villain pet peeves need more love.

So tell me what annoys the hell out of your antagonist! What gets under their skin more than anything else?

Not writing anything with a baddie? Who’s your favorite villian, and what drives them up a wall?

Godless and Writing Opening Scenes

Godless is a limited series released by Netflix in 2017. It didn’t gather the popularity of other “originals”, such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, and when all is said in done, it’s not a particularly ground breaking show. I liked it fine, but it’s not the first thing that pops into my mind when someone asks for something to binge watch over the weekend.

So why can’t I stop thinking about it’s opening scene?

If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. If you don’t have time to watch it, here’s a brief run down of what happens. But really. Go watch it.

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Favorite Art of 2018

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I occasionally post up sketches of my characters on Saturdays. I’m not as consistent as I’d like to be, but I’m hoping 2019 will be my year to finally nail down this “being active online” deal I’ve been working on.

Here are some of my favorite pieces I did this year! Hope you like them.


Dietrich & Zali – Warm up writing characters

I am a huge fan of “warm up writing characters”. 

I have a blog post coming up shortly that’ll explain what type of warm up this is, but for now, I’ll leave you with D & Z here.

Ian – Flightless universe

Some quick Flightless lore to explain the feather earring/in hat (seen below)! 
Whenever an avian is dating, married to, or bonded with another avian, they usually wear that avian’s down feather in their hair, as jewelry, or pinned to their shirt. In the case of bonding, it doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, as occasional bonds are formed due to a sibling-like dynamic, and is considered more of a “best friend soulmate”. They’ll still exchange feathers to show off who they’re the closest with


Kaitlin – Flightless universe


Dilan Bust.png
Dilan – One off character

This boy is just a character I got from another artist that I don’t really do a lot with writing wise, but that I love to write for. He’s a demon, I guess? I’m not really sure what he is, but I love his ridiculousness.

Hope you all are having a great December! I’ll be popping some more posts out shortly.