New Blogging Schedule

I’m still learning when it comes to blogging, but as someone who loves structure and time tables, I decided I’m going to start a schedule so y’all know what to expect from my blog.



Because I’m still trying to build my writer’s platform, I’m going to be posting three times a week, with one occasional weekend post a month. I might change that later on, but for now, this is going to help me learn how to be consistent with my blog.

Monday – Book Talk Monday

  • Author Interviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Calls for book suggestions
  • What I’m readings

Wednesday – Writing Wednesday

  • Where I’m at in current projects
  • Advice on writing
  • Favorite writing resources
  • My writing process
  • Writing Prompts

Friday – Life Updates, Movies, and More

  • Movie reviews
  • Any hiatus announcements
  • Life as an introvert
  • Personal updates

Saturday/Sunday – Optional days posted once a month.

  • Reviews on events I go to
  • Personal updates
  • Art updates (pictures of my art, or art of a feature artist)
  • Feature bloggers


Here’s hoping I get this blogging thing down!


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