Author Interview #3 – Leah Hamrick

When I saw Leah Hamrick was doing a book raffle on Twitter, I jumped on board. I love modern/urban fantasy, and what originally started out as winning a free giveaway on Twitter turned into an author interview. She’s working on her second book to her Fire Bringer series, but took time out of her schedule to do a quick interview.



Q. Let’s start off by getting to know you. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A. Well, my name is Leah Hamrick, and I am currently 23 years old. I live in Michigan with my husband, daughter, and plethora of reptiles and fish! Oh, and a tree frog named Sticky! I love heavy metal music, cookies, anything that smells good, and enjoying nature. Yep, and writing. I like doing that too.



Q. For your novel, Frost On My Pillow, what do you think is the most likable trait about the protagonist, Lyla?

I think her attitude is great, and she always has a way to get herself out of sucky situations.



Q. Which of your novels did you enjoy working on the most?

A. I enjoyed Frost on my Pillow, and Torn the most. I can’t pick out of those two. Kali and Lyla are probably my most fun protagonists so far. Wait, no, Anna from my two short stories, In the Darkness and Love Caster. Oh, what the hell. I like them all!


Q. If you could sit down with any author for lunch, past or present, who would it be?

A. Jennifer Armentrout, hands down, no questions asked.


Q. Every artist has a, for lack of a less cheesy word, muse. This is everything from family, to life experiences, to even places and people they’ve never met. Tell us a little bit about what inspires you as a writer.

A. Everything in some way inspires me to write. I can’t really pick one thing, because in the end, they all end up tying together somehow.


A. Like many writers with a family, balancing work and parenting can be hard. How do you find time to write and be a mom?

A. I write whenever I have time, which hasn’t been much lately. My daughter likes watching me on the computer, but only if I’m on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube. Screw everything else when she is around. It’s a mess.


Q.  You have quite a few pets. What type of animal do you feel yourself drawn to the most?

A. Probably fish, I love them. I have two ten inch goldfish, plus a lot of others.


Q. Intentionally or not, many writers include their real life experiences in their work. What part of your life shows up most in your writing?

A. The abusive situations.


Q. I am a big fan of Michigan. I spent every summer there with my grandmother and absolutely love the scenery. Do you find yourself often inspired by your state, or do you dream of more exotic places?

A. I love my state. It’s so pretty, except Detroit. Or Flint. Or Saginaw. Okay, you get the drift.


Q.  What is your editing process? How do you take the first draft and turn it into a final novel?

A. I don’t. I just write. Then I go back through and add words, or fix spelling.



Q. If Frost On My Pillow were to be turned into a movie, which actor do you see portraying the protagonist, and love interested of Lyla, Ethan?

A. Nick Robinson for Ethan, and Lyla? No idea, cause that person as to be special.


Q. Having people in your corner when you start a novel is always a plus. Who’s the biggest supporter of your writing?

A. I’d probably have to say my husband, and everyone at my publishing company, Solstice.


Q. Writing doesn’t always come easy. What project have you struggled with the most and how did you overcome that?

A. I am currently struggling with my second book in the Fire Bringer series. My writers block is bad and yes, I’ve tried everything!


Q. What’s been your experience with Solstice Publishing , and why did you decide to go with them for your novel, Frost On My Pillow?

A. They are amazing and I’ve had nothing but incredible experiences with them. I recommend them to anyone, because really, what other group is as badass as us? What can I say? They are freaking awesome, and I love them. ‘Nuff said.


Q. If you could go back to your first novel and give yourself a tip, what would that tip be?

A. Stay away from Self-publishers!!!!!



Want to know more about Leah Hamrick? Check her out in the links below

Twitter: @kookycharacters
Facebook: @spellbindingbooks


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